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Bloody tourists.

Amendment: It's now London 2010

Saving up moolah now.

I want to have a picnic in a park fo serious.


This is a sticky note post to remind myself of stuff I want to watch. I'll edit this as shows close or open.

Legally Blonde: The Musical



The Sound of Music

La Cage Aux Follies (If it continues on to West End with Philip.)

Avenue Q (Maybe?)


Things I'd like to do in London:

1. Have a real, proper picnic in a park where it's sunny and pretty.
2. Visit the War Museum
3. Visit Cutty Sark

Star Wars Exhibition in London

I'm definitely setting aside some time for the Star Wars Exhibition.

Oyster Travel Card

Oyster Travel Card is a smartcard travel pass which has a prepaid stored value. Something like the Touch-n-Go card in Malaysia, where one only has to pass the card over a sensor at stations and the value is deducted automatically.

The good thing about Oyster card is that it will automatically calculate the cheapest fare for the journeys you make in a single day. We won't have to figure out whether to buy a single-journey ticket or an all-day pass. You will never pay more than the equivalent Day Travelcard price for the zones and travel modes travelled in a day within zones 1-6.

Taken from the wiki:
"As of 1 January 2007 a cash bus and tram fare costs £2, while the single Oyster fare is £1, but capped at £3 for any number of trips in a day. When using Oyster on the Underground, a single trip within Zone 1 costs £1.50 (£4 paper), or £1 (£3 paper) within any other single zone. When travelling on the Underground and DLR in addition to buses and tram the price of journeys is capped at 50p below the price of the relevant one-day Travelcard. London is the only city in the world that offers this daily price capping."

More info here.

Anyway we have two options:

(a) Get the 7-day Oyster Travel Pass (which covers Zones 1 - 2) there itself and add prepaid value to cover anywhere outside and beyond the 7 days. (£22.50 + £3 deposit). Deposit refundable but a bit of a hassle to get back if you're not a UK resident. I think this is the cheaper and more flexible option.

(b) Buy an Oyster Card with £20 stored value inside with no time limit via the Visit Britain Direct Australian website, in which case I'm really sorry bella_azzurri, but we'll have to impose on you again if we want to go for this. (AUD 55, no deposit).

dachinchilla already has an Oyster card so it's just two of us.


I'm really sorry ladies, but I have to add one more musical to my itineraryCollapse )

North Yorkshire Moors Railway

The North Yorkshire Moors Railway is a heritage railway line 18 miles from Pickering to Grosmont, through Yorkshire National Park land. Pretty scenery, heritage steam-pulled trains and passes through Goathland, which was the train station in Hogsmeade.

There doesn't seem to be any straightforward way to get to either Pickering or Grosmont, so I'm not sure if the Britrail passes will cover it. But if it does or is not too expensive to get to, it'll make for a nice scenic day trip. We'll probably have to sort it out in London itself though.

London itinerary draft 1

Draft itinerary.Collapse )

Other places to go that I missed out?